Deirdre Czoberek finds her natural surroundings most inspiring and engaging.  Observingthe interesting shapes and textures in the soft beauty of our Northwest landscape, she finds ideas flowing out onto the painting surface. Her work is purely spontaneous relying on the inter-relationships of color and form to create the ambience in her paintings. From one traveling line on the paper, Deirdre creates her own universe of luminous colors and organic shapes.

Life in a household full of artists was a strong influence towards a career in the arts.  Deirdre completed her BFA in painting in the early nineties at the University of Washington, then pursued any possible employment connected with the arts. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in art and design education from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

After having her first child, Deirdre and her husband moved to Skagit County and made a home.  Her desire to express herself through art and use her talent to reach out to the community was renewed as time and opportunity allowed and she is now happily employed as a teaching artist in Skagit and Whatcom counties.

Deirdre Czoberek bio Edison Space_  9_2017.jpg