Custom countertops designed together

My name is Houston Foist, I design and manufacture items that are made from concrete, wood, metal, glass, or casting acrylics. I am able to make concrete to look like natural wood, make a concrete counter to look like any natural stone or make a countertop island look magical with all of your memorable items embedded in the concrete.

We can acid etch images that will last a life time. Colors that are organic or colors that just jump out at you. 

As we meet to discuss design the thing I can bring to the table is many years of experience as an Army Engineer, as an artist, and as a consumer that values quality and affordability.

I will listen to your every needs and tell you the truth on whether or not that it can be done. I can help you pick colors to match your wall colors, match faucets to a designer sink, kitchen counter or island.

Working together I will make you something that you will be proud of owning, have something that no one else will have because I made it to represent you and your family.

We are a group of talented designers who have chosen to use Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) as a medium to show artistry and functionality within household products. Our work is durable, yet beautiful. We can create any shape, texture, color and thickness, and take great pride in our designs and craftsmanship.

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Hadrian, Emperor of Rome

Reigned as Roman Emperor/ Caesar: August 10, 117 – July 10, 138.

An accomplished military commander, who was distinguished for his courage and activities, Hadrian endeavored to win the affections of his people by donations, games, and gladiatorial shows. Hadrian was fond of travel and went on to journey through all of the provinces of his empire to see what he could do to improve everyday life of his people. 

The famous Pantheon was commissioned by Hadrian. Almost 1900 years the Pantheon dome, made of concrete, is still the worlds’ largest unreinforced concrete dome. It is one of the best preserved of all Roman buildings. It has been in continuous use throughout its history.

We at Hadrian Stone pay tribute to the Emperor who saw concrete as a remarkable material.