Durable, affordable, memorable.

Hadrian Stone is durable and flexible to any design concept. We can design and manufacture sinks, vanities or countertops for odd shaped rooms. Many times cheaper than granite or marble. Hadrian Stone also attracts ambient temperature compared to granite and marble. That means that your countertop surface is warm to the touch, compared to the icy feeling of granite and marble. Our sealers resist stains and scratches. You can spill vinegar on our surfaces and it will not etch the surface. We also provide different finishes from a high gloss, satin and flat finish. We can add mementos into your project. A memorable time abroad, keep sake ( i.e., coins, metals, glass) so every time you see it or touch it, it will bring back fond memories.



We are a group of talented designers who chose to use concrete ( GFRC) as a medium to show artistry, and functional products. That is durable and beautiful. We can create any shape, texture, color and thickness. We take great pride in our designs and craftsmanship. What is GFRC? Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.


Beautiful custom concrete products